Clinical Services Grand Strand Humane SocietyDr. Michelle Crull is our wonderful Staff Veterinarian. Dr. Crull graduated cum laude from Auburn University and was working in private practice prior to coming to the GSHS. Dr. Crull works three to four days a week at the shelter performing surgeries and administering preventative care.
GRAND STRAND HUMANE SOCIETY is a walk-in clinic offered on a first come, first served basis. We only provide preventative care. We do not perform examinations or emergency medical treatment of any kind.

Veterinary Services Hours

We accept walk-ins with no appointment for preventative care during the following times:

  • Tuesday & Wednesday from 8:00 am-2:00 pm
  • Fridays from 8:00 am-3:00 pm.
  • Saturdays (Alternate Saturdays from 8:00 am-2:00 pm. Dates are listed below for 2018.)
    • Jan 6th
    • Jan 20th
    • Feb 3rd
    • Feb 17th
    • Mar 3rd
    • Mar 31st
    • Apr 14th
    • Apr 28th
    • May 12th
    • May 26th
    • Jun 9th
    • Jun 23rd
    • Jul 7th
    • Jul 21st
    • Aug 4th
    • Aug 18th
    • Sep 1st
    • Sep 15th
    • Sep 29th
    • Oct 13th
    • Oct 27th
    • Nov 10th
    • Nov 24th
    • Dec 8th
    • Dec 22nd

Our veterinary services are provided for pets from all areas of the Grand Strand and Horry County.
**Spay/neuter appointments must be made in person at the shelter. Please bring proof of your pets shots and testing with you. We request that you also pay for the surgery the day you schedule your appointment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and local personal checks.**


Please note that beginning April 1, 2017 we can only accept cash and credit cards payments for clinic services, preventative medicines and adoption fees. We will still accept personal checks for donations.
*Below pricing includes $25 for required Antibiotics & Pain Medication for both Canine and Feline Spay/Neuter surgeries. Additional charges may apply at the direction of our veterinarian. Please see below for possible additional services and fees.

Canine Spay (up to 40 lbs.) $110* additional $1.00/lb. over
40 lbs.
Canine Neuter (up to 60 lbs.) $105*additional $1.00/lb. over
60 lbs.
Feline Spay $100*
Feline Neuter $80*
Feline Vaccinations $15
Feline FVRCP $15
Feline Leukemia Vaccination $20
Feline Triple test for FIV/ FeLV & Heart worms $35
Canine Vaccinations $15
Canine Intranasel Bordetella Vaccine $15
Canine Heartworm Test $30
Heartworm Treatment Price depending on weight
Rabies Vaccination $15
Canine DHLPP Vaccine (protects against distemper, parvo, leptospirosis) $15
Fecal Exam $15
Skin Scrape (if mites are found, patient will need to see the veterinarian for treatment) $15
De-Wormer $4-$40 depending on weight
Ear Mite Treatment $20
Flea Treatment Depending on Weight
Microchip Implantation
Nail Trimming
$25 โ€“ 24 Hr. PetWatch charges a separate annual or lifetime fee
$15 per animal (offered during veterinary clinic hours only)
5.1-9 lbs. $15 single dose/ $75 for 6 mos.
9.1-18 lbs. $16 single dose/ $80 for 6 mos.
5-10 lbs. $12 single dose/ $60 for 6 mos.
10.1-20 lbs. $14 single dose/ $70 for 6 mos.
20.1-40 lbs. $16 single dose/ $80 for 6 mos.
40.1-60 lbs. $18 single dose/ $90 for 6 mos.
60.1-120 lbs. $20 single dose/ $100 for 6 mos.
Up to 25 lbs. $6 single dose/ $30 for 6 mos.
26-50 lbs. $8 single dose/ $40 for 6 mos.
51- 100 lbs. $10 single dose/ $50 for 6 mos.
5-10 lbs. $15 single dose/ $75 for 6 mos.
10.1-20 lbs. $17 single dose/ $85 for 6 mos.
20.1-40 lbs. $19 single dose/ $95 for 6 mos.
40.1-60 lbs. $21 single dose/ $105 for 6 mos.
60.1-120 lbs. $23 single dose/ $115 for 6 mos.

**Must have proof of heartworm test to receive ANY heartworm preventative, if over 10 months of age**
Other Services & Fees
*There will be an additional charges for female dogs or cats in heat at the time of spay surgery, female dogs or cats pregnant animals at the time of surgery and dogs or cats with retained testicles at the time of neuter surgery.
Older Dogs & Cats must have blood work prior to Surgery โ€“ $75
Health Certificates for United States Only (Fridays Only) Must have an appointment. $45